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Helping Your Child Get Fit

Now what, you ask? I understand that physical fitness is a critical element of my child’s well being and happiness. But how can I motivate them to get off the couch and get active? The following tips can assist you in helping your child to make lasting lifestyle changes that…Read More

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child fitness, child obesity, fitness

Fitness and Good Health

Fitness has been shown to be the most important lifestyle factor for good health. Many health experts believe increasing physical activity and exercise is an almost magic elixir for improved well being. Yet, despite the proven health and psychological benefits of increased fitness, a large percentage of the population does…Read More

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child fitness, child obesity, child nutrition

Child Nutrition Overview

Nutrition is defined as the process of providing your body with the food necessary for life and growth. In order to understand nutrition, you must realize that all food put into your mouth is either expelled as waste or converted into just four substances: glucose, amino acids, fatty acids and…Read More

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child fitness, child obesity, child health, child nutrition

Eating Disorders Overview

Eating disorders are growing in incidence throughout the world. Here are the three primary types: Anorexia nervosa (severely restricted eating) Bulimia nervosa (binging with purging) Binge eating disorder (compulsive overeating) Eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating disorder are characterized by extreme emotions, attitudes and behaviors surrounding weight…Read More

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child nutrition, child obesity, fitness

Wellness vs. Weight

The terms wellness and health and fitness are often used interchangeably to define the condition of good overall physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits. However, many people define health and fitness by the number they see on their bathroom scale. When a person…Read More

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childhood obesity, child health

An Overweight Child? Whose Fault is It?

I was reading an article in the paper the other day about childhood obesity. With all the challenges that our children are facing now a days I would have thought this was no big deal… boy was I wrong. The statistics were shocking. I never realized all the medical problems…Read More

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anti-bullying, bullying, child safety

Bullying – What Can You Do?

Recently I saw another story on the local news about a teenager committing suicide because of bullying. Unbelievable! Isn’t the school supposed to be watching what’s going on with these kids? And just last week there was another story about a Dad who had enough of kids bullying his crippled…Read More

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Cyber Bullying

Studies have recently revealed that cyber-bullying is one of the fastest growing styles of bullying in our children’s lives today. I know… I’m shocked, too. But statistics don’t lie. According to an article I just read on the internet concerning bullying a survey of 1,500 students between grades 4-8 reported…Read More

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