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Y.H. Park Taekwondo Academy Testimonials

My son Ethan is very shy and at 6 1/2 years old still could not find a sport or activity that would bring him out of his shell. He quit everything. From Day 1, YH Park has been excellent for him! I see the positive influence of taekwondo and their positive life teachings really having a tremendous influence on Ethan. He is now an orange belt, practices all the time at home, and has goals of sticking with it and reaching black belt status. Thank you to Grandmaster YH Park, Master Edward, Instructor Adam, and all the youth staff for helping build Ethan’s confidence to reach his goals.

-Katherine Rose

I was looking for a place for my youngest son with autism to learn self control- I ended up finding this wonderful environment for all 4 of my children to learn self-defense, respect and discipline. EVERYONE in the staff and friendly and courteous. Love this place.

– Melissa Pagan

Great place to learn TaeKwonDo, lead by terrific teachers. Master Edward and all the wonderful teachers there really strive to bring the best out in the kids enrolled, thru classes, active participation and teaching the kids to implement what they have learned in class, in their daily lives. Really extends the teachings and philosophy of Karate and self discipline to all their activities. It took us a long time to find the right place and we could not be more thrilled to have the kids enrolled here. Thank you!

– Shivani York


I cannot be more impressed with this school. Our so. Has been attending classes for about a year and we are elated. Master Edward, Grand Master, and their team are exceptional people. They are thoughtful instructors, excellent role models, and kind forces in the world. We participated in the NY Open Tournament yesterday and were thrilled. It was organized, fascinating, and fun. This place is a gem and an inspiration. Thank you!!!

-Lucia Sabbagh

My twin son and daughter have been going there since they were 3+1/2 and will be taking the Black Belt test next month. What more can I say..Master Edward and his staff have become family. I have recomended him to all my friends and none have been disappointed. Keep up the good work…thanks again….Paul Migliore

-Paul Migliore, East Meadow

We live in a time when there are many martial arts schools to choose from; however, they are not all created equal. I have trained at Y.H. Park since 1990 and the experience is unique, enriching, and unlike the experience you can get at any other Dojang. 2013 marked the 40th Anniversary of the Academy’s existence. There is a rich history that is tied into the globalization of Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport and the preservation of the traditions of the art. After all these years of training, the curriculum has continued to evolve and the atmosphere has become one of a new generation of families training together-fathers and sons, mother and daughters, brothers and sisters. I train with my son, my brother, my niece and nephew-that is the type of atmosphere that is fostered. The school teaches self defense, weapons, forms, sparring and so much more. Most importantly, it teaches about becoming the best person, citizen, and family member you can be. There is something for everyone-children will thrive but adults will be challenged to reach new heights as well. Whether you have had another martial arts experience, or even if you are a newcomer to the arts, I highly recommend you check out the Y.H. Park Taekwondo Academy.

– Marc Zirogiannis, Levittown, NY


Master Edward Park comes from a strong Taekwondo lineage of martial art professionals, as he has learned from his father GrandMaster YH Park himself a former USA Olympian and representative of the 1988 USA Taekwondo Team.

The YH Park Taekwondo Academy is comprised of dedicated and talented martial artists who place their students above all else.

Master Park’s level of professionalism is evident by the passion and love he shows to every student who walks through their doors and enters his school.

His professionalism is unmatched in the industry and if you are just wanting Taekwondo Training you can get that everywhere; however if you want the results for yourself and your family from Taekwondo then YH Park Taekwondo Academy is the place to be!
Thank you Sir

– Dave Young, (Founder of U.S. Fighting Systems)


In an increasingly dark and threatening world, this is a place of light and hope. Everyone is greeted, everyone is acknowledged, everyone is respected. The students, the parents/guests, the instructors–all are respected because all are valued. Skills improvement and pursuit of personal excellence are the goals here, and after several months I will tell you I see growth in this way from my two children who come here. I can see that the secret to the success of the academy is a love of Taekwondo and a love for people. I told Master Edward yesterday that I like watching the lessons/practices in part because he and the other instructors visibly enjoy everything they are doing with the students. I can’t say enough about YH Park Academy. So much goodness in the people and the place. It’s refreshing and it’s contagious. Thank you Grandmaster Park, Master Park and all instructors and senior belts.

– James McBrien, North Bellmore


YH Park TKD Academy is focused on family and core values. The caring and compassion of the teachers and the sense of family and community they foster is unsurpassed. All this with a quality TKD education! This is why you see second and third generation students at the school! There are many schools on Long Island for martial arts, but none that match this school in any way. I drive 45 minutes each way with my children so that they can have the best TKD education anywhere. It is worth every mile! My kids and I look forward to classes every week. The respect and consideration that the teachers show for their students is amazing. They walk their talk and set the highest example for being the best person you can be. The skills that are taught stretch far beyond the mat into every aspect of life.

– Rebecca Glavan, Locust Valley, NY


Hello my name is Gary. I signed my daughter up to YH Park TaeKwonDo September 2011 and as I watched my daughter, I sat there thinking that it would be nice to join up with my daughter. But at 284 pounds with major  surgery’s to my right knee I thought it impossible! But almost two years later and with a loss of  35  pounds, I realized this was the best thing I ever did! Master Park is a excellent teacher helping my daughter and I through many bumps along life’s journey! The school teaches respect first and I consider the Parks my family now! My life as well as my daughters life have completely changed for the better! YH Park is not only a excellent school for spiritual and mental health. But the best school to learn tae kwon do ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart grand master Park and master Park!

– Gary Lundy, Farmingdale, NY


My son was in Pre-K when his school called us and mentioned that my son has difficulty climbing down stairs and they considered this as safety hazard and referred us to town education department where it was decided to evaluate him and give him necessary therapy. That’s when I decided to put him into some kind of sports and during my research I came across Y.H.Park Academy. I took my son for trial and joined the same day hoping he will improve and to my surprise, he improved beyond my expectations and today he is a brown belt at Y.H. Park Academy.Along with my Son, I would give all credit to Master Edward who has paid special attention to my Son. My son was not able to stand on one foot and with Master Edward’s help and his dedication, today he can stand and play games standing on one foot for a good amount of time.This is school is no comparison to other schools in Long Island, it is by far the best.Whoever I recommended to join this school and have joined, have only great things to say about this academy.

– Nivar Shah, Syosset, NY


My son and I have just become Brown Belts and I can honestly say that there is no other school that compares to YH Park. I enrolled my son after GrandMaster and Master Park took him under their wings at a birthday party we were attending for another child. I had informed them that my son had ADD and they took care to give him their attention. I said to myself, “I want these people to teach my son.” I enrolled him that summer two years ago and what a difference it has made! My son’s attention and behavior have improved tremendously. I joined soon after because it looked like so much fun. But it has helped me gain physical and mental strength and has guided me through a tough year of losing my father and my own stress related illness. Grandmaster and Master Park both command respect from the children (and adults) in such a gentle and loving way. I am so proud and honored to be part of theYH Park family.

– Theresa Isaacs, Levittown, NY


YH Park Tae Kwon Do Academy is a great place to learn the philosophy, art and skills of Tae Kwon Do. The physical exercise is suppurb. It is tough, challenging and yet geared to each individual student regardless of age, sex, physical condition or prior experience. You feel great after each class and anticipate the next one.  It is family oriented to include all members of your family. But it goes beyond your immediate family. YH Park becomes a second family to you.  You feel the same pride in watching the achievements of other classmates as you would your child. The mutual support amongst the students and staff is fantastic and motivates you to work even harder. I started my first class in my fifties and I have felt myself progress at my own pace and noticed a significant improvement in my physical and mental condition that benefits every aspect of my life. I love this place.

– Chris Rossi, Bethpage, NY


My family joined the YH Park Academy two years ago after my then 7yr old son attended a birthday party there. Aside from the obvious knowledge and talents of the staff, there was an instant bond between my son and Grandmaster Park that we noticed immediately. The impact that the school has had on his life cannot be understated. I could ramble on about the benefits of self-defense, self-esteem, but any school worth their salt could claim that. What has made the biggest difference for us has been the family atmosphere and support that both my son, and then my wife who joined soon after, have been a part of. It goes well beyond just learning this amazing art. I cannot recommend YH Park Academy more highly.

– Al Isaacs, Levittown, NY


I have had the great pleasure of having my eleven year old daughter train at Y.H. Park Taekwondo Academy for over two years. What had began as a curiosity has become an indispensable part of her formative years. The schools’ ability to provide rigorous, stimulating and well thought out classes on a daily basis is nothing short of outstanding. In addition, the entire staffs dedication to developing the core principles of Taekwondo–respect, humility, perseverance, self control and honesty has produced young people that are not only great students of the sport but people of great character as well.

– Jim Kwasnik